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A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now.

ICA at The Old Selfridges Hotel, London,

13 September-20 October 2013.

The ICA’s latest off-site venture, A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now, located in The Old Selfridges Hotel, is described by curator Gregor Muir as a project rather than an exhibition. The enterprise aims to sketch a genealogy of London’s countercultural activity since the 1980s, to unearth aesthetic and cultural connections across time and creative practice.


Featured participants are represented primarily through material staged in a collection of over 50 vitrines, some self-curated, others curated by creative partners or peers. Each vitrine is constructed to express the artistic approach and cultural attitude of its originator. The vitrines are supplemented by video, film, and installation work.


Many facets of contemporary creative activity are represented; graphic design, architecture, music, art, dance, club culture and food. Fashion, as would be expected, takes a central role and is represented by designers ranging from The House of Beauty and Culture, Judy Blame and BodyMap through Julie Verhoeven, Fashion East and Alexander McQueen to SIBLING and J.W.Anderson.



Curated by Gregor Muir and designed by Julia.


10_20Exhibition installation photographs © display_mode, courtesy ICA and featured artists.



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