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To announce the launch of his eponymous flagship boutique on London’s Regent Street this month the Karl Lagerfeld press machine worked overtime to ensure the designer featured prominently in the press. As to be expected, karlisms flowed: interviewed in Metropolitan, the on-board magazine of Eurostar, the Chanel designer discloses his pithy opinion on retrospective fashion exhibitions.

METROPOLITAN There’s a trend for exhibitions showcasing fashion like works of art. Would you welcome your creations being put on show in museums?

KL Not really, so long as I am working. I have no connection with my past. I am interested in what I am doing now, not in what I’ve done. One can organise exhibitions to explain a working process to people – work in progress – but real fashion retrospectives give me the feeling that everything’s been done! It’s bad for reinvention and going forward.


Karl Lagerfeld interviewed in The Edit Q & A.

© Metropolitan, March 2014.



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